Bob Benson, Principal of South Shaker Associates, LLC, is a seasoned technology transfer professional with over twenty years experience in technology transfer at the National Institutes of Health and at Harvard University and four years as a patent examiner at the USPTO. With a PhD in physical chemistry and two postdoctoral positions, Bob has a broad understanding of molecular sciences, from biotechnology to nanotechnology. He understands the concerns of scientists and works well with them.

During his career Bob has examined close to a thousand patent applications and assessed another thousand inventions to decide whether to file a patent application. At both the NIH and at Harvard, Bob oversaw the preparation and prosecution of hundreds of patent applications; he understands the importance of obtaining broad claims that not only cover the product to be marketed but also prevent “engineering around” by competitors.

Having negotiated many license agreements and research collaborations with start-ups and with large multinationals, Bob has seen firsthand the complications that can arise. Precise language is critical – small changes in wording can mean big changes in meaning and outcome.

Finally, given his keen awareness of the policy pressures that academic technology licensing offices are under, policies that often mystify companies, Bob can help both parties navigate the transfer process to a mutually beneficial conclusion.